A Transit Life

11 May

Everyday I spend at least one hour in transit, that’s 5 hours every week, 20 hours a month, and almost 10 full days every year. I know most of my colleagues and friends spend even more time on the subway, NJ Transit and the PATH Train.Riding a train with strangers is how we start every day. We often don’t realize the fact that we have become so rely on public transit until the train comes 5 minutes late and totally disrupts our morning plan. Transit, to some extent has almost defined how a metropolitan area like New York City is structured. I take the PATH train to work, getting on the train at New Port in Jersey City and get off at the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. It’s been almost a year but sometimes I still feel overwhelmed when I see the 8 gigantic elevators in WTC station are packed with people rushing to work. And before I could take a moment to process the amazing scene, I remind myself I am just one of them.

Transit is always an amazing topic. Especially in New York City, the subway serves as such a great resource for writers, reporters, artists and photographers. Over the last weekend, I took a couple of photos in PATH and NYC’s subway. I’m not sure why I had wanted to shoot New York transit for such a long time. But I did quite enjoy the project.

PATH New Port

PATH New Port, Jersey City

PATH New Port, Jersey City

PATH New Port, Jersey City

PATH, New Por

PATH New Port, people waiting for train to 33rd St.

NYC Subway, 14 St.

NYC Subway, 14 St.

NYC Subway, 14 St.

NYC Subway, 14 St.


One Response to “A Transit Life”

  1. Nate June 19, 2011 at 11:02 am #

    Wow…really beautiful photos Steven!

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