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A New York City Concert

16 Jun

I’ve never been a big fan of New York City. It’s too noisy. There are always too many people. It’s way too expensive. I have many reasons to not love the city. But there’s one thing that makes me can’t not to take New York City seriously–the serendipity that you can’t find anywhere else. I had never felt about this so strongly until last Saturday after I went to Nate Fetinger‘s classical music concert Not Dead Yet, Nate’s NYC debut as a classical composer and pianist.

The music is so refreshing and breathtaking. I was truly amazed by Nate, a 23-year-old young musician who however doesn’t event work in the music industry at all. I don’t know if I should hate the city for not (yet) let him afford to be a musician as profession or if I should appreciate the city for honoring me the opportunity to become a good friend with Nate, who might otherwise be already too famous as a composer if he never came to the city.

Perhaps this is why people love New York City so much–you just constantly find something amazing that you would never expect. Like a coworker of mine, who so inspired me as she runs 7 miles almost everyday. Or like another friend of mine who backpacked in Central Africa for a month. Or like Nate, who lives a simple 9-5 life while pursuing his music dream on the side (which is definitely what he should be doing for the entire time).

Congrats, Nate! Looking forward to your next concert!

Jonathan Estabrooks (Baritone) sings Goethe Songs. Nate (Piano) wrote the piece in 2010

THREE, a piece Nate wrote this year. Mioi Takeda (Violin), Wanda Glowacka (Cello), Nate (Piano)

Congratulations Nate!

He got some fans already

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