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A road trip to Vermont

27 Oct

It’s been almost three weeks after I got back from a road trip to Vermont. It’s about time to write a wrap-up before I totally forget what happened during that crazy weekend (Like many people who work like crazy, I constantly feel the onset of my Alzheimer’s already started).

It was a long, dramatic and crazy trip featured a car accident (everyone involved was fine and it was not my fault at all), breathtaking views, more than 800-mile driving, an improvised itinerary and heavy highway traffic.

Getting out of the heavily populated tri-state area through I-95 was once again proved to be a nightmare. The heavy traffic extended till New Haven of Connecticut where our rental car was slammed by an old Volvo from the back. The driver turned out a high school girl who was totally freaking out. Luckily no one got injured. But it was impossible for us to continue driving the damaged car to Vermont. Long story short, the tow truck managed to take us to New Haven airport one hour before the Hertz counter closed so that we could replace the car. The process was smooth and efficient. We hit the road again around 11:30pm. Thumbs up to Hertz! (But wait…Just yesterday, I got a phone call from Hertz telling me that they didn’t find the damaged car in the parking lot of New Haven Airport and asking me which tow company I was using. This is truly a bit absurd because you would imagine a rental car company should make sure it gets the first car back before it gives you another car. Anyway, I simply gave Hertz the tow company’s name and told the agent on the phone again what happened that night. Hopefully things can be sorted out soon…)

When we finally got to Vermont, it was already 2:30am. And the rest of the trip was all about driving. I consider myself a quite experienced traveler and I understand the importance of doing the homework BEFORE a trip. But with a busy job during the week, me and my travel buddy decided to take a risk for this time and improvised our itinerary while we were on the road. Not so surprised, things turned out not very brilliant—although we did see a lot of nice views, we ended up driving across Vermont and New Hampshire in one day, which was about 8-hour driving.

I don’t have many interesting stories to tell you this time but I do have a lot of photos to show off, a lot!

Morning of the first day in VT

nice color, that's the point of this trip

You know what is this. I got two though I'm not a big fan of sweets.

Made a stop at Dartmouth College and had the lunch. Feeling smarter.

Somewhere on the road. Had to stop to take this photo.

Almost the end of the first day. Made it to the White Mountain in New Hampshire. But our hotel was in VT. Another 3.5-hour night time driving.

The temperature dropped to 40 degrees.

Then came the best view of the trip

Captured the sunset. Amazing view.

Turned out a historic site

I feel this looks like somewhere in the Jurassic Park.

The second morning. Skinny Pancake restaurant at Montpelier, V

What do you think of the menu? Everything was great.

Pancake wrapped with cheese and bacon. Best ever!

Hit the road again, heading to Stowe

Here we are. Stowe! a nice small town.

Made it to the top of the mountain. Some exciting mountain dirt road driving.

Chef Shie feels like taking a photo of himself.

only wish I could stay longer

PM, in the Little River State Park. so peaceful

breathtaking view

Heading back home. Something is not so right. where's the highway???

Turned out Tom Tom took us to a ferry back to NY.

A busy ferry

Heading back to NY

wondering when was the last time i was on a ferry

Perfect light

New York does not only have New York City

A road trip, indeed!

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