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Back to authentic Chinese food

11 Nov

Being a Chinese who can cook means Chinese food doesn’t have to be the take-outs from the Chinese restaurant on the corner. Although American-Chinese food might work just fine for people who never had  a chance to taste the REAL Chinese food, it absolutely won’t work for me. So when I miss the taste of home, I get it back myself.

Cooking authentic Chinese food doesn’t have to be complicated. You may always associate Chinese food with thick smoke, lots of oil, MSG, and all sorts of weird stuff. I can’t say your perception about Chinese food is totally wrong, but let’s try to be a bit rational here. The size of China is almost as big as that of the U.S., it’s simply ridiculous to put all the food there under a category called “Chinese food.” The difference in terms of flavors, cooking techniques and ingredients varies dramatically from region to region.

The dish I’m blogging about today belongs to Szechuan cuisine, which is well-know for its spiciness and easy execution.

The Szechuan Style Spicy Shrimp is not difficult to cook at all. It’s literally a 30-min dish you can easily prepare for the whole family.

Ingredients you need:

White onions, fresh shrimps, chilly pepper, jalapeno, ginger, lemon, salt, sugar, cooking wine

Cook with me step by step:

Slice the onions;

Peel the shrimps (I highly recommend you buy shrimps with the shells still on and peel them before cooking. The taste of the shrimps will be soooo much better than those frozen peeled ones, trust me!);

Slice the ginger;

Heat up 4 tea spoons of vegetable oil in a skillet and add salt, sugar and chilly pepper;

Stir-fry the shrimps with the ginger, onions and jalapeno for about 1 minute before adding 2 spoons of cooking wine and 1 spoons of fresh lemon juice;

Keep cooking the shrimps for another 1 minute;


Served with steamed white rice and pan-fried Napa cabbage and of course white wine.

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